Sale conditions

First: The goods need to be manufactured & ordered from the supplier

  1. The customer must specify the date of goods manufacture on the form provided within 240 days of the first payment.
  2. The goods are supplied within 150 days from the specified date.
  3. The Customer must prepare the site for installation within 45 days as of the date of the goods’ arrival at Al Wazzan United Trading Company warehouse.
  4. Al Wazzan United Trading Company should stop supplying the goods installation in case the customer fails to pay any of the payments.
  5. In no case shall the contract be canceled after the request to manufacture.

Second: The goods are in the company’s warehouses

  1. The goods is reserved for the customer after fulfill the due payments.
  2. The client must prepare the site for supply and installation immediately upon contracting.


Third: General Terms

  1. The mentioned prices against the supply and installation of the goods mentioned in the offer.
  2. Al-Wazzan United Trading Company has the right to charge storage fees at 5 Kuwaiti dinars per day if the Customer does not commit to receive the goods or delay on payments on the specified date.
  3. Canceling or terminating the contract for direct or indirect reasons relative to the Customer at any time should be prior to the commencement of manufacturing the goods; Al Wazzan United Commercial Company has the right to deduct not more than 15% of the total value of the merchandise calculated from the collected payments against administrative expenses for the site visits and the plans.
  4. The customer or other of his representative is obligated to acknowledge the completionof installation within a week from the date of notification from Al-Wazzan United Trading Company on the completion of the installation by signing the receipt voucher, otherwise receiving of goods considered to be final, legally and without any notes
  5. The signature of the Customer or other of his representatives on the receipt of the goods is considered as an inspection of the goods and a declaration by him that it has been received intact and that the customer is responsible for maintaining the integrityof it from the date of receiving them.
  6. The aforementioned conditions are the conditions regulating of supplying and installation of the incoming goods with a quote.
  7. Any discount is to be canceled if the contract is funded through the mediation of a bank.

The customer must secure a store with a lock to store the sold goods that includes installation, i.e. (kitchens, doors – wardrobes),